DMP Exhibitor’s Manual

Updated:24 August, 2021

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** Exhibitor’s Manual **
Exhibitor Manual (Organizer Part) ( PDF )
Form Form Title Standard booth Raw Space Deadline Link
Organizer Taiwan Exhibits Approval and Record Form as needed as needed 10 Oct.
Organizer Ad reservation as needed as needed 12 Oct.
Organizer Form Exhibition Directory Entry, Invitation Card & Standard booth fascia name (For Standard booth Exhibitor) Required / 16 Nov.
Organizer Form Exhibition Directory Entry & Invitation Card (For Raw Space Exhibitor) / Required 16 Nov.
Organizer Exhibition Directory Entry (Excel Form) Required Required 16 Nov.
Official Freight Forwarder Exhibits Transportation Form as needed as needed (Overseas)18 Oct.
Organizer Non-shenzhen Private car as needed as needed 22 Nov.
Booth Contractor Booth DesignSubmission, Safety Management, Electrical, Water and Compressesd air rental, Furniture Rental as needed as needed 10 Dec.
Standard rent increase form Exhibition equipment and lighting rental, facility location map as needed Not needed 10 Dec.
Organizer Exhibitor Badge Required Required 12 Dec.
Organizer Move-in/ Move-out Yollow Card Truck as needed as needed 10 Dec.
捷旅 Hotel Reservation as needed as needed /
宜至 Translation/Etiquette Service as needed as needed /


Booth Contractor
Exhibitor Manual(Booth Section)
Whole Manual Download ( PDF )
[ Booth Contractors Hall 1, 3, 5-8 ]
GL event Live (Shenzhen) Co, Ltd
Address:14th Floor, Tianjian Venture Building, No.7 Shangbao Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China 518000
Tel:86-755-6682 1098
Fax:86-755-2815 3794
Online service
Booth DesignSubmission, Safety Management:
Mr. Wallace Liang
Tel:86-0755-8148 8483-634;86-199 2521 5077
Electrical, Water and Compressesd air rental:
Mr. Wallace Liang
Tel:86-755-6682 1098-839;86+199 2521 1987
Furniture Rental:
Mr. Jin Yan
Tel: 86-755-6682 1098-833;86+199 2521 5028
For Oversea exhibitors:(Electrical, Water, Compressesd air & furniture rental)
Mr. Jin Yan
Tel: 86-755-6682 1098-833;86+199 2521 5028
[ Booth Contractors Hall 2, 4 ]
Shenzhen Image Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Address:Room 201, East Side, North Login Hall, Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, No. 1, Zhancheng Road, Zhancheng Community, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen
Zip code:518104
Tel:0755-2314 4406 Fax:0755-2314 4406
Online service
Contact person: Du Ling
Mobile:137 1934 2519
Contact person for drawing review: Huang Jian
Mobile:134 2888 8296
Leasing contact person: Yuan Xiaohong
Mobile:135 4443 0600
[ Booth Contractors Hall 9-16 ]
Guangdong Hanwei Main Construction Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Address: Room302, Building A4, Guangdong Science Innovation Equipment Park, 78 Luntou Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou 510000, P. R. China.
Tel:86-20-8401 9728
Fax:86-20-8401 9728
Chinese Online service website
Contact:Vicky Zou
Mobile:133 8002 7940
Contact: Mr. Chao
Mobile:180 1196 0590
Standard booth contact:Mr. Pang
Mobile:180 2629 9800


Official Freight Forwarder
1.) Official Freight Forwarder:
Zhaohua Logistics Ltd.
Add:24/F., New Times Plaza, 1 Taizi Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
Tel:0755-26897740  Fax:0755-26825668
Contact Person:Mr. BaoNan ( 18938918782 )
Contact Person:Ms. Li Yu Ting ( 19928706875 )
Exhibition (domesti) (domestic) logistics services (.docx )
2021DMPExhibit Logistics Demand Application Form (.xlsx )
2.) Overseas Freight Forwarder:
JES Logistics Ltd.
ADD.:26 / F, Winsan Tower 98 Thomson Road Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel:852-2563 6645  Fax:852-2597 5057
Contact Person:Mr. Herman Chung
Forward Inginformation & Shippingtariff Download ( PDF ) ( .docx )
Exhibits Package Labeling Download ( excel )
Guangzhou JES Exhibition Services Ltd.
ADD.:Room 2005 Dong Jian Bldg; West Tower No. 501 Dong Feng Zhong Road Guangzhou 510045, China
Tel:020-8355 9738  Fax:020-8355 3765
Contact Person:Mr. Chen Xing You
Exhibit Documents and Arrival Date
1. Customs documents for preclearance (List of Exhibit FORM B ) Submission Deadline 18 October, 2021
2. Cargo picking up in Hong Kong terminal for onward shipment to Shenzhen (air /sea) 26-7 October, 2021
Shanghai Expotrans Ltd
Add:Floor 10, 555 Anyuan Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai
Tel:021-60131818  Fax:021-60135518
Contact 1:Ms. Zhang 13701755801
Contact 2:Mr. Xu 13816142827
Shanghai Expotrans Ltd(Guang Zhou office)
Add.:Room 1018, No. 368 Huanshi East Road, Guangzhou
Tel:020-8352 4315  Fax:020-83524315
Contact 1:Mr. Ruan Wei Jian 13929546345
Contact 2:Ms. Chang Shu Min 13189650597
BEX Logistics(Guangzhou)Co., Ltd
Address:Rm 1903 N-8,No 13,Huaming Road,Tianhe district,Guangzhou China
Tel:86-20-2294 2207  Fax:86-20-8923 9964
Contact:(Franky Lee) 13802955337
BEX logistics Company limited
Address:Rm 2106,21/F Win Plaza,9 Sheung Hei St,San Po Kong,Hongkong
Tel:852-2836 5282  Fax:852-2836 5383
Contact:William Luk


Loan card information
Exhibitor Truck Permi
19 Nov. Early entry Hall 5,7-10 (PDF)
20 Nov. Early entry Hall 1-4,6 (PDF)
Hall 1-8 (PDF)
Hall 9-10 (PDF)
20 Nov. Early entry Hall 1-4,6 (PDF)
Hall 1-8 (PDF)
Hall 9-10 (PDF)
Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center User’s Manual (PDF)
Hall 1-12 Ditch Map
Click to Download (PDF)